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DBL Sport

A campaign by Dina M Boykiw

DBL Sport

I am excited to bring a new line of eco-friendly, sustainable sportswear to the market, using fabric made from 95%Bamboo/5%Spandex.  Being kind to the environment starts with some of our most basic everyday choices; shopping more responsibly, and buying clothing made from sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics. They are healthier for us with natural UV protection, antibacterial properties, moisture wicking and breathable. Bamboo fabric is 40% more absorbent than cotton, it is grown without pesticides and uses 1/3 less water than cotton.  Cotton production uses 25% of the pesticides used on all American crops and takes 10,000 litres of water to produce 1 kilogram of cotton fabric.

I took many years off from the garment industry to raise my daughter, I was a single mom for many years and wanted to be available for her, I worked but was not working where my passions lay or utilizing my design background. 

I have produced my first set of samples and am trying to raise money to buy the fabric to manufacture the garments.

I am employing women working in their homes and studios to sew at this time;  working together to do our part to help save our planet for our children and future generations.

Garments are made in the USA and Canada.

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