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DeeDee is having chemo :(

A campaign by Dee Helen Lavell

DeeDee is having chemo :(

Sadly, I have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  

ONE IN EIGHT women in the US are diagnosed with breast cancer - it's almost an epidemic. I need to have chemo for six months (starting 11/20/17), then possibly surgery. I am doing all that I can to take natural and herbal supplements, and also using essential oils that I am told help with the whole process. I have been warned that I may be very sick and weak from the chemo treatments. This will make working very difficult, and therefore, make it pretty darn tricky to earn my rent and car payments...not to mention my medical expenses.I was a professional singer for many years, but since moving back to Los Angeles, due to having been away for so long and so many changes in the music industry, I have not been able to break into the scene again here. Needless to say work has been hard to get, so I have had to work part time and accept temp jobs whenever I can. This has given me so much uncertainty and anxiety -  especially when it comes to finances and healthcare in this current political environment. The whole thing is especially distressing, especially as it takes my mind back to when I was caring for my mother after she was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer at the age of 82. She was my best friend, and it broke my heart. It was a very difficult time. I am so grateful that we found my cancer quite early and that I have so much love and support from my children, friends and family and understand that not everyone is able to help me financially.  I am sincerely grateful for and blessed beyond belief to have all types of support. I really believe some of us are blessed to be a blessing - if you are able, please give only what is in your heart to give. You will be blessed. Thank you in advance. Many blessings to you and yours for the holiday season and the new coming year, much love, Dee Dee xx

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