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DefTalk Messenger

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A campaign by Dmitriy Chornyi
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DefTalk Messenger

We are Monaco-based company - S.A.M. DEFCOM, specializing in development of software with improved level of data security.
Decision to create DefTalk was made, because the problem of user data protection became highly important to users. It became especially obvious after the recent scandals, the Snowden case being one of them. Besides its high security level, DefTalk has all the customary features of a messaging app, and more are coming.


Improved data protection achieved through data encryption will be the largest competitive advantage of the application. Furthermore, the encryption algorithm makes it impossible for system administrators to gain access to user data. Therefore, special services will have no way of accessing such data as well.

Moreover, the project’s positioning and country affiliation will serve as additional advantages compared with competitors: Principality of Monaco is associated with increased protection of data confidentiality and observance of democratic procedures.

Our another competitive advantage is DefTalk’s sophisticated system of emoticons and stickers called SmartSmile that make possible to reduce the time spent on typing messages to a minimum.  The system is based on a scientific research and analysis of behavior of a vast focus group.


As of today, the software is completely developed and launched on the AppStore and Google Market.


The efforts of over 100 people were used to develop the application. Top management team of DefTalk project includes:


For the moment, it is published as a paid application. We had to make it this way in order to restrain the viral growth of the number of users for the moment and to be able to support technically the project before we raise the investments. After raising them, DefTalk will be available for downloading to all users free of charge, which will provide for a fast growth of a user base and reaching the aimed number of users.

You can learn a lot more details about DefTalk by watching our video that will give you a good idea of what DefTalk is in the matter of minutes. 

To develop further, DefTalk needs investments that, taking into account the recent sound investments into similar projects (WhatsApp, Viber, evaluation of WeChat at 86.3 billion USD by Bloomberg etc.), are supposed to be paid back within 2 years bringing great profit to the investor.


S.A.M. DEFCOM opens its capital in the volume of 10% upon payment by a new shareholder an amount equivalent to $ 5 mln.

These initial funds will be primarily used for:

• sending text-messages for user registration – $ 0.75 mln;

• payroll – $ 1.27 mln;

• marketing – $ 2.30 mln;

• development of server architecture – $ 0.26 mln;

• development of Company’s infrastructure –$ 0.22 mln;

• contingency reserve fund - $ 0.20 mln.

DEFCOM will rely on professional skills of its specialized technical staff but will also recruit a 'TOP renowned GUN” to secure this development and good procedure of international communication.