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Empowering Creative Woman

A campaign by Cora Lee

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A campaign by Cora Lee
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Empowering Creative Woman

Woman should feel empowered and encouraged to sell handmade items that give them a sense of achievement. There are so many woman out there, struggling on sites like etsy, hoping to make a profit from the amazing items they make. It's hard work and many times they give up due to failure to strive online, or struggle to keep up with inventory. 

Imagine a store or shop that is full of creative handmade items from woman all over. Everything being unique and made with love and care. Imagine items from lotions, soap, and jewelry to home decor and artwork all made by real woman.

I  hope to expand merchandise and open up a shop that will grow and expand and employ creative strong woman like ourselves. Some of our options for employing will be working on site, and in shop (creating workshop) and some even can work from home. This will give even, stay at home moms, a way to make income to help support their family.

It would be an honor to be funded and start something different and encouraging and special for all types of woman who love creating unique items but have no true, profitting, place or shop to sell them.

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