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Founder's Birthday Back-to-School

A campaign by Betty LaMarr

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A campaign by Betty LaMarr
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In 2003 we started EmpowHer Institute because we wanted to do something about our teen girls, in low income communities, dropping out of high school, facing a life of poverty due to low paying jobs. Teen pregnancy is the biggest reason that girls drop out. Personally, I know this story because I was a teen mom and had an uphill battle to get back on the right track.
We want to keep more than 300 girls a year, on the right track with our programs, mentors and real life experiences that are motivating, encouraging and enlightening. Anyone who has met me know that I am committed and work everyday to create a brighter future for girls and women. This year, I want to give my friends, family and acquaintances an opportunity to join me in my efforts to raise funds to keep our teen girls on track to build character, confidence and to become career or college ready.
As a finale, we will gather for Happy Hour on October 2nd at Beachside Cafe, Marina Del Rey, CA at 6PM to celebrate my birthday and reaching our goal of $5,000! Please join me in the cause and the fun.
xoxo Betty

                                                       What Your Gift Gives

  • $25              Girl's memory journal in EmpowHer Academy
  • $50              Text books for one student in EmpowHer Academy
  • $100             Materials for science, technology, engineering, arts, math (STEAM) Class
  • $200             Classroom Discretionary Fund (provides funds for classroom materials)
  • $300             Transportation Fund (provides bus for field trips)
  • $500             Sponsor Holiday Theater Party for one class (20 students)
  • $2,500          Sponsor 1 student to STEAM Mobile Lab
  • $3,500          Sponsored Mentor Training for EmpowHer Academy
  • $5,000          Annual Title Sponsor for Empowered Girls Class at Partner School

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If you would like to mail a check please address to the following:
EmpowHer Institute
1055 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1660
Los Angeles, CA 90017


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