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Goodbye bike. Hello car.

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A campaign by Jennifer
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Goodbye bike. Hello car.

Hey guys,

Devon just had a close encounter with the pavement belonging to the city of Los Angeles. Luckily he's ok. We all love him and want him to get to auditions safely and in one piece. The man is a super talented human being and we need to help him stay safe so he can change the world.

He's one of my best friends. He's funny, kind, thoughtful, mindful, energetic, considerate, super talented, amazing, genuine... i can go on and on and on with awesome adjectives about this human being. It's only fair that I return the favor for him being awesome. I'm super grateful for his friendship, as I am sure that many others are too. We've laughed together, cried together, I want to make sure we have a ton more laughs in the future.

Please share this with friends and let's get Devon a car!!!!


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