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Graduate from Med School

A campaign by Alecsandra Popescu Hobeanu

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A campaign by Alecsandra Popescu Hobeanu
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Graduate from Med School

Hello, people!

My name is Alexandra Popescu and my aim is to raise money as soon as possible  for my tuition for Medical School, I need to study 3 more years and it' s done!

I have already done 3 years of it and then I interrupted school due to the lack of money.
Meanwhile, I have worked various jobs and, in a country like Romania, I worked for 300 dollars/ month and from which I can barely pay accommodation, food, monthly house maintenance, books, school fees and the minimum amount of clothes at the most reasonable prices, it is impossible, I can tell you.

The family cannot support me because my mother had a heart attack and our financial resources were entirely depleted by this. On top of things, seeing my mother' s health condition and the fact that I could barely raise money for my tuition and the rest of the things I mentioned above, I become depressive and now I am taking medicines to treat it. For those who have ever been depressive in their lives, it is obvious that it is very difficult to work and live with depression, but I am still struggling.  
On my credit side to get this support from you - that I will always appreciate and remember  your gesture and it helps me keep my faith in God that He will never abandon me - is not not only I have always been an excellent student, did a lot of volunteering and, also, did extensive book reading.

As I was telling you, I am an excellent student, all modesty removed, who has been learning for her exams, 20 hours/ day when needed, that much I invested in my exams and I need you, please, to invest in me so that I can graduate from University so that I  can fulfill my life mission as an emergency doctor and help save thousands of people!

In addition to this, I have always been passionate about contributing to society through volunteering work. From 2010 until now, 2018, I have done at least 1 volunteering project a year to support the community, I think I have never missed one opportunity to volunteer, ha ha. :) My last volunteering service was "Let' s do it, Romania", a big campaign of gathering trash and creating trash maps in order to know where to go and gather the trash other people made and we were the responsible big group gathering it, I have never missed 1 year of participation.
Among other things, I have, also, helped organise The Living Library, a Danish non-formal method of inviting discriminated people talk with the masses, a method to help break discrimination and promote Human Rights.

Furthermore, I have always been keen on building up my general knowledge. I have recently taken a look in a book called "1001 books to read before you die" and I have read half of the books mentioned there, but I do believe I read more than that number and some books I' ve read were not mentioned there.

I will be working for the monthly house maintenance and the minimal number of the cheapest clothes I can buy, but I need your support as far as the tuition and accommodation is concerned. I cannot do it without you and I can sincerely tell you that I feel that I am at the end of my strength

I have even thought at a small reward for those who will choose to support me with any amount of money they can and that reward is to send every 100th person who will choose to support my cause a little souvenir from my country, Romania, which has beautiful traditions.

So, you can be that person, go ahead and please support me, thank you in advance! :)

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