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Help become a doctor as a urologist.

A campaign by MrAsutu

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A campaign by MrAsutu
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    You can ask me for any souvenir from P.I. Tchaikovsky homeland.

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    If you come to me, I will give you an excursion program. I will provide you with accommodation in my apartment. I will show the beautiful nature of these places. We will visit the museums of Tchaikovsky, the M.T. Kalashnikova and others. If you can, we can visit the wild places of the Ural mountains in the summer.

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Help become a doctor as a urologist.

After 11 years of study in medicine, I received a doctor's degree. But because of education reform in our country, I can not work as a doctor. The only way out is training in residency within two years. Unfortunately I can not pay its full cost. My annual salary for an ambulance is equal to the year of training.
After graduation, I will help people in the Russian outback. In the homeland of the great composer P.I. Tchaikovsky.
I do not know if I can raise money for study. In any case, I have already passed the competition in Izhevsk State Medical Academy and will begin my studies. Even if I have to work around the clock and eat a little.
I will achieve my goal, despite the success or failure of this campaign.

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