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Help me to be a doctor,need money for education

A campaign by Innocenty

Help me to be a doctor,need money for education

Hello. My name Gruzdev Innocenty, I'm 3rd year student, Faculty of Pediatrics, Altai State Medical University Altai region Barnaul Russia
My dream was to become a doctor, medicine instilled a love for my mother, who worked for more than 30 years neurologist at the municipal hospital. On this the only profession for me it was and still medicine.
I work in the commercial department, with payment of tuition fees. What would you pay for a college education, 1 st year, I began to work, repair computers, because my family is not able to pay for tuition. Since March 2014, the beginning of the crisis, my earnings decreased repeatedly blame the decrease in household incomes and companies, the main consumers of my services and rising prices, all the spare parts of laptops and computers depend on the dollar, which has risen in price in half because of the crisis in Russia.

I can not take credit for the training, I can not even pay for it now my salary is only enough for food and clothing and other minimum requirements.
I study well enough last session was put on a "good" or "excellent", the medicine for me - so much, in my family all doctors, including family, I really want to become a good doctor, to continue the dynasty. But in the current economic conditions, I can not pay for their education, so I turn to you for support. Help me raise money for further education and become a doctor. For the continuing education required amount of $ 20,000 US, the money will be enough for further training and passing specialization in pediatric neurology, because I like working with children. I will be very grateful to everyone who will remain indifferent to my problem.