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I believe in miracles

A campaign by Yan Ovadiuk

Thank you for stopping by!
I am raising money for my education.
I‘ve been dreaming about learning foreign languages and computers since my childhood. I’ve learnt my first English word at the age of three. That’s when I started to learn the computer as well. Presently, I am learning English, German, and Polish.
Next year I will be finishing my last grade at school. I have a strong wish to enter Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology to achieve Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences. I would be the happiest person to be able to fulfill the dream of my life: mastering language and computer skills.
I am involved in lots of activities, to become a really good candidate:
I've earned the first place in the Kyiv Olympiad of English
I've mastered my Polish language to the level A2 so far
Learning Polish is fun
I am the current vice-president of the Rotary Interact Club at my school
One of the long-term projects of School 155 Interact- collecting used batteries.
Gathering batteries with my class-mate
Before sending used batteries to the recycling plant

The problem is, that the tuition fee for one year of study is $ 3200. Maybe it sounds quite reasonable, but it looks beyond my strength. But I believe in miracles and have a strong hope that my dream will come true!