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Local Women Empowerment Group

A campaign by Stephen Mugarra

Local Women Empowerment Group

Am called Stevie, a friend is a community mobilizer and social justice activist for in the rural area of Uganda, he volunteers in the Justice center Uganda and independent legal organization that offers legal advise to local communities and also his a mobilizer of a community initiative  called "Global Light Community Initiative" which assist local community groups that are engaged in income generating projects, 

Thus with one of the women groups ( Global Light women group)  they are running a poultry project but are being faced with high prices of feeds for the chicken, thus needing to purchase a feeds mill which is on market price $ 2,200 and diesel powered, so as they process their own feeds with raw materials grown in their gardens, I have high hopes that contributions of well wishers towards the goal, will make the women's life better and also they make hand made baskets and many hand made products that generate income for themselves and their families.

Feeds Mill

Above their projects they are engaged in to improve their wellbeing.

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