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Lonely Aphrodite - A Feminist Dating Website

A campaign by Sarah Fader

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I once joined a dating website for 24 hours. During that time, I was objectified as a woman, made to feel like a walking vagina, and humiliated beyond belief. I say beyond belief, but then I realized that I am not alone. Women should have a safe space to seek out their ideal partners without being harassed or disrespected. I am raising money to start a feminist dating website. It will include an LGBTQ section as well. Cis gender men will be required to fill out an essay as to why they would like to join the site. 

You might be wondering "why a feminist dating site?" Well, a feminist dating website is good for both genders! The premise of feminism is that men and woman are equal partners. When searching for a romantic interest, one of the primary goals should be a person who treats you with respect. This is inherent in the ideology of feminism. Unfortunately on traditional dating websites, women have yet to experience this equality and are typically treated as sex objects.

We need your support in order to make this project come to build this new community of free and equal thinkers! Here is a cost analysis:

Budget/Cost Breakdown
Website design and infrastructure - $5000
Marketing and promotion - $2000
Administrative costs and human resources - $3000

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