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Music in Harmony

A campaign by Julie Cook Stein

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A campaign by Julie Cook Stein
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Our earth emits a tone of 8Hertz (cycles per second). If we tune our instruments to A432 then we are "in-tune" with the earth and therefore the music we perform will sound "right" to our ears and soul. It also may have health benefits little understood by modern medicine. Check out the cymatic pattern of a note tuned to A432 in comparison to one tuned to A440. You can literally SEE the harmony. Youtube video explaining the difference between the two.
I've provided a free audio/slideshow for you to enjoy and hear what music sounds like when performed on an instrument tuned to A432. See it here: Beethove Sonata
And here is what I'm fundraising for: A high quality piano to practice on and record music for the general public. I want to provide music that is good for your soul and that makes you feel good! Please help by donating $1 (or more!) Here is a link to describe the awesome piano I need for this project: Steinway Model A