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My Heart Belongs in Standing Rock.. Will you Stand Up with Me in Solidarity and Protect what is Sacred?

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A campaign by Love
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My Heart Belongs in Standing Rock.. Will you Stand Up with Me in Solidarity and Protect what is Sacred?

As 2016 comes to an end, and as a single woman, who is looking for purpose in this world. Im finding that my soul wants to stand with the Indigenous People and Tribes at Standing Rock and Defend what is Sacred.

After the Election and along with Trumps Sexually Aggressive Rhetoric, for me, my work has become more and more difficult. If you have have had a session with me, you know that I put my heart and body on the line. I truly care about each individual and the implications that society has put our own sexuality. While my job is taboo and behind closed doors. I yearn to open them, remove the veil and speak on the importance of compassion and love.

As of last week, that passion has turned into fear. As I look toward the future, Im at a loss. Money has been tight. I live a very affordable lifestyle and yet massage work can barely help me get by. The Bay Area is changing so dramatically that I can barely keep up. Im also heading to my hometown of Las Vegas to care for My family in the next months who all need my help desperately. I am truly on my own and am yearning to involve myself in something bigger than my own life. To help pave the way for a future led in the activism of hope.

This is my last wish of 2016. Before I head home, which won't be easy for me. I would like to spend it at Standing Rock. Where I will Stand in Solidarity with the Water Protectors and be support them where needed. Since the reality of Trump has set in and the collapse of our current government is at stake. I would like to take this time to be with those who need it the most. To pay homage to the land, and to hold space for the natives during Thanksgiving, which coincidentally is when the europeans took the land from the natives originally.

With our world in a crazy place and for me to be a woman, who gives her hear and soul to the patriarchy everyday to make "america great again" I believe me asking for this gift is not much. Please allow me to go and Stand, not only for me, but for YOU! at Standing Rock, in peace and in love. For the Future of our Planet, Our Children and Our Sanity. Thank you!