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Please support me in getting education abroad and help me dream to come true

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A campaign by Mariia
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Please support me in getting education abroad and help me dream to come true

Dear friends,
My name is Mary and I am from Ukraine. I’d like to share a little about my life with you. I am a Christian. A few months after my birth, doctors diagnosed me as having early childhood Celebral Palsy. As a result, I couldn’t walk as other kids could. I nevertheless was able to study at school and finished my schooling. At the age of 10 I came to church for the first time and accepted Jesus as my Savior.
Despite my illness, I always wanted to serve God. In my small hometown church I didn’t have much opportunity. Moreover I wanted to know more about God and Christianity. So I started studying at the Lviv Theological Seminary. It was great experience for me as I was able to study more about God and the history of Christianity. The important thing was that I had the opportunity to use my knowledge while visiting various churches and going to orphanages to tell kids about God. During this period, I developed many new friends. After graduation, the president of our college suggested that I go to Canada and study in a Master’s program. I attempted to do this but my English Second Language exam results were never enough to study at that level. Even though I started working as an interpreter, the desire to continue my studies did not disappear. Over the last while, I translated a book into Ukrainian, served in churches sharing my journey with God and went to orphanages with students to spend time with kids telling them about Christ. Last year I rewrote my ESL exam and my results were sufficient to study. I decided that I would like to study in some college in the USA or Canada and try to find a job there. Studying abroad gives a wider perspective and a better foundation for understanding how to help change the future of our country. My goal is to be a useful part of the future church in Ukraine and Europe through my life and teaching.

Of course all of these dreams require funds which I presently don’t have. As you might know from the news, Ukraine’s economy is not doing well and prospectives for young people in general are not good. If you are reading my story and understand my heart, maybe you have the means and desire to help me accomplish what God has put in my heart. Please contact me for more information.