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Temporomandibular joint dysfunction

A campaign by Elena Stogova

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction

My name is Elena Stogova. I'm 24. I'm from Russia, Severodvinsk city.

Dysfunction of the TMJ is a violation of the coordinated activity of the temporomandibular joint due to changes in the bite, the location of the TMJ and muscle function.

This is my disease.

To correct an incorrect occlusion, treatment with braces is performed.

I have a wrong bite. But now this problem is not only aesthetic.

I can not fix the bite. Soon it will be harmful for me. Since the childhood I am afraid to smile. At school, I was constantly offended for the fact that I was not like everyone else. In my social networks there is not a single photo with a wide and beautiful smile. When I talk or smile, people look at me strangely. When I talk to someone, I think - "And what does my interlocutor or company think about my appearance?" At 24, I never had a serious relationship. I'm afraid to be alone.. I can not create a family. I avoid communication. I have almost no friends. My family does not understand me and believes that my face is all right. But this is not so. I'm afraid that young people can hurt me. You can fix this if I can put braces and fix my teeth. At my age it's real, but you need to hurry.

Please support me by donating anything you can. We appreciate your support and I am happy to mail you a handwritten thank you card. I am so proud to be using Funddreamer- a 101 percent woman funded crowdfunding organization.

The bracket system costs $ 1561

Treatment and preparation $ 205

I need $ 1765 to become like everyone else.

I hope this is my first and last photos with such a smile. I understand many people will see that. And I'm excited. 

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