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The Final Stretch

A campaign by Karen Possessky

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A campaign by Karen Possessky
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Help an underprivileged college student during his final stretch to graduate college. He's overcome too much and gone too far for it to fall apart now (the last semester).

Statistically, he should not have graduated high school. But, college graduation is 3 months from now! His dream will become a reality if he can get through the semester without books, computer and adequate funds for food, housing and transportation. His aggressive schedule during the last semester keeps him from securing a flexible part-time job. His computer died (he couldn't afford malware protection). He would like to have the ability to buy a cap and gown and a professional graduation photo offered by the University. Please help Shaquille in the final stretch of achieving his dream to graduate from college.

Itemized Expenses:
1350 -Computer (University Discount)
250 - Software (University Discount)
300 - Remaining Food Budget
100 - Graduation Fees ( cap and gown, transcript fees, registration and photo of the big moment)
500 - Spending money (healthcare co-pays, home supplies, utility bills, pharmacy needs)

All funds will be monitored and rationed by Shaquille's mentor and cheerleader, Karen Possessky. You can learn more about her here.

Questions? Feel free to email Karen at or call her at (214) 537-1852.

Donor Rewards:
Every donor who donates at least $5 (every little bit helps) will receive a personal thank you email from Shaquille. There is no dollar amount that is too small to help Shaquille cross the finish line.

Every donor who donates $50 or more will receive a photograph of Shaquille from his graduation day with a personal thank you. Let this picture remind you of your compassion.