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To help Himalayan children gain computer literacy!

A campaign by Naveen Godiyal

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A campaign by Naveen Godiyal
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    All the donors who donate $7 or more will receive a special heartfelt greetings on their social media account by our children. Donors donating equivalent or more than $ 100 will be welcomed free of cost to participate in our cultural exchange program in the Himalayas in any given time period of their life.

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In India, and especially in Himalayan region of North India, the mountain children are bereft of Computer learning opportunity in comparison to the children all over the world. Digital skills are key to success in the 21st century. We hope to close this gap, empowering the mountain children with computer education.

We intend to start the computer literacy center in the new academic session of April,2020. This will be located in Kharadi village in Uttrakhand(India). The center will be equipped with 10 desktop computers along with related learning material. Also the center would serve as a means to organize conferences, seminars on issues ranging from education to women empowerment. The total cost of set up is as follows:- 

  • $7 donation will cover one child tutoring for one month of computer learning.
  • $21 donation will cover one-tenth cost of purchasing a desktop computer.
  • $40 donation will cover one child computer learning material for  for the full two weeks of the program.

Expense unit price per unit in $ numbers unit in $ Grand total in $
Desktop computers           210          10        2100
Tutouring/learning material charges per student per year            84           20        1680
                                                                                                                     Grand Total         3780

We hope to raise $3,700 to cover 20 students, as well as logistics and incidentals. Please check out our website ( to learn more about our work, and follow us on facebook ( and Instagram (@volunteering_in_himalayas/).

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