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A campaign by Idris Hester
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I AM simply asking for your support to assist in getting these books, videos, published and out on the media to raise the awareness of the planets One consciousness to the Perfect Power that is within them Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally, and there usefulness to our planet.

Greetings, Good day, All is well, everything good. My name is Idris Hester, known to many as "As A Miracle Man". I would like to Thank you in advance for your time and paience, and all for just being here. I affirm and confirm each and everyone of you for showing up for your continued process for Perfect health, Wellness, Healing, for Wholeness, Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally. I want to thank you for your services that you provide as well. Im so Grateful and Thankful to share my experience, strength, and knowing.

Growing up in Michigan, I always felt a power, a strong presence, so strong I could not feel it but see it. I can remember clearly there was a Mysticism, Mastery, Beauty, Magnificence and Joy about it. It is so indescribable, immeasurable, and with such a unconditional Love. I tended to pay more attention to it than my surroundings. Today I know I was closer than close with GOD and living a high knowing of my spirit.

For me there was a broken home, in which I was verbally, emotionally and physically abused. Living this life took me on a many of trips on this journeys. All is forgiven and well. I know today that the total sum of my life experiences has me kept me here today before you amazing people, to share some of my gifts and talents with you.

The books:
Going into the Light
Being in the Light
Coming from the Light
Living with the Light
Going through the tunnel
Experiencing freedom from self
It comes to this, I AM still here
What you don’t know about me.

You see I have had the luxury of having 7 neuro-surgery’s. I say a luxury because, I feel as though I was gifted with these experiences of the human spirit. Ever since the first surgery 40 years ago, doctors told me that I would most likely not survive surgery, and if I did, I stood a very strong chance of being in a vegetative state, handicapped or disabled, and have many mental disorders and issues for the remainder of his life. However, I have learned or am learning how to live with these options. I courageously underwent each surgery and worked my way back to a fully functional life, relearning how to walk and talk over again each time. I was diagnosed with his 4th brain tumor in 2011. I decided not to undergo another surgery and was successfully healing from this condition, with the application of my own healing programs and the assistance of some world-renowned healers, when things progressed. Through the progress I decided to have the surgery. So, with this experience. I get to, in fact, to use my own miraculous healing experiences with drums and percussion that I have developed an amazing program, “Drummunication A Transformational Experience”, to help move others into Perfect Health, Wellness, and Healing for Wholeness, no matter what their present Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Emotional condition.

Thank you for your support

As we moved into the 21st century, it becomes apparent that our society has largely relied on technology and materialism to sustain us. Yet, through all of our technological advances, there persist a deep and ever present need to find happiness and fulfillment, meaning and purpose in ways that technology simply does not offer. Despite its impressive marvels, technology does not have the capacity to provide us with meaning or purpose. As we have embraced technology, we have forgotten that one of the great needs we have as individuals is to be heard, to find and create simplicity and to make connections of the heart, mind and soul with others. The Drum fulfills all of these needs.
The Drum provides us with an ancient form of communication, one does not rely on the articulation of words, but one that uses a much more basic language, our emotions expressed through sound. When you hit the Drum hard, it can be an expression of anger. When you hit the Drum softly, it can be an expression of fear our contemplation. It s this basic simplicity of expression that makes the Drum a Perfect means for children and others who may censor or repress their emotions because they fear judgment or feel unsure of how to express their feelings in words.
The Drum seems to awaken the recognition of a Spirit within. Yet often the soul’s calling goes unnoticed. We feed OUR body when it gets hungry, yet we do not see the signs and cues that our soul gives US when it’s hungry. The emptiness, the hopelessness within our society, serve as signs and symptom’s that our collective soul needs to be fed.

Our soul is not fed by reading negative newspaper stories and viewing news accounts of pain and suffering on television. Our soul is not fed by technology, no matter how extraordinary the advances may be. Our soul is not fed by closing our minds and hearts to love and its many rhythms and manifestations.
The soul is fed through turning our attention within, through connecting with others in ways that reflect depth and purpose, and through play and laughter. The soul is nurtured through connections of the heart. The Drum provides all of these needs. The hand Drum serves as a touchstone to our deepest nature. It is both a symbol of our Spirit and a vehicle to transport US into it.
And So It Is
Thank you PLL