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Tough times

A campaign by Dee Helen Lavell

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Tough times

After Being diagnosed with breast cancer and going through the the HORRENDOUS  treatments, I experienced such beautiful out pouring of love and care from friends ~ NOT my family  because sadly both my parents have passed away and my 2 brothers don’t have anything to do with me anymore. (go figure 🙀)  YOU, my friends are now my family. 

Getting back to work has been a real challenge, even tho I have several part time jobs, there is no guarantee of my hours yet. So, unfortunately, I was forced to  repo my car, but now I need to file bankruptcy in order to take care of all my debts. This will give me a clean slate to start over. I am managing quite well with public transport and sometimes Lyft and to NOT to drive in LA is wonderful but it does restrict me somewhat.

 In order to file chapter 7, it will cost around $1000.00..... I know that so many people are struggling financially at the moment and I am reaching out to those who are more stable financially or those who really feel led to help. 

I do trust God in all things but I also believe, He wants us to ask for help too. I thank you for your support in whatever form that may take. Blessings and love to you all. DeeDee ♥️

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