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Wingate Animal Clinic Displaced and Injured Animals- Fairdale IL Tornado Fund

A campaign by Mary Poineal

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A campaign by Mary Poineal
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Wingate Animal Clinic Displaced and Injured Animals- Fairdale IL Tornado Fund

  • Mary Poineal May 6, 2015

    We were given 2 more roosters, one was vetted and the owner picked him up last week! Back home with his owners. The other rooster is still with us.

    The Cockatoos went home this past weekend. Their owners were thrilled with their foster care and loved how much more tame they were. Another success story!

    The chickens are all finally out in the coops. Happy, pecking and laying eggs.

    Diamond is gaining weight and I hope to have a new photo of her soon all brushed out from her winter coat. She is a new gal!

    Thank you from the all the families and us at Wingate Animal Clinic for your heartfelt donations.

    Kindest Regards,

  • Mary Poineal April 14, 2015

    Thank you to everyone who has donated money, food, chicken coops, kennel runs for the chicken coops, hay, shavings, horse grooming equipment, etc, etc, I will add a photo of material donations tomorrow. We still need additional kennel runs and more coops. but this is a wonderful start! You are all very kind and your donations are heartfelt. The little rooster has both of his eyes open now and seems to be getting better. The chickens are starting to lay eggs, so we really need to get more coops for them. The owners are thrilled to say the least that there is such an out pouring of generosity to help them in their time of need. Not having to worry about their animals is one less burden for them carry at this time.

    We will keep you updated with more photos!
    Kindest Regards,
    Mary at Wingate Animal Clinic

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