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Help raise money to study at a language school in Japan

by Two Brothers
I would be very grateful if you would support my company. For me it is very important
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Funded Contributed Aug 10, 2019

The dream is to continue the work of my grandfather, to become an interior designer

by Ekaterina
I am Kate, 39 y.,have 2 sons. I entered the Faculty of Art and Architecture at Trnava University Slovakia. I dream to be interior designer.
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Funded Contributed Sep 5, 2019

Computer engineering course

by Vikas Pandit
I want to do computer engineering course
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Funded Contributed Oct 26, 2019

Invest in my dream!

by Христя Хоменко
Hi! I don't have enough money for studying in Nantong Shipping College where i got into. Help my dream come true for small presents from me.
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Funded Contributed Oct 31, 2019

financial assistance for my daughter schooling support

by lorei paeldon
help fulfill my daughter's dream... God bless and thank you everyone
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Funded Contributed Dec 20, 2019

A mom who want to see her children bright future

by Triana Di
I'm a single mom who really needs to pay my house rent and want to send daughters to college to have a good education
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by Pamela Merideth
Please help me to education children
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Funded Contributed Aug 24, 2020
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