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Receive Venture capital from investors

Venture capital investment can offer funding to your business startup. Venture capital is typically given in exchange for ownership share and an active role within the company.

How to obtain venture capital funding

Although there is no method to ensure venture capital, the process typically involves a series of steps.

Find an investor

You can look up individuals who invest, often referred to as "angel investor" or venture capital companies. Make sure you do enough research to find out whether the investor has experience with startups and is reliable.

Make sure you share your business plan

The investor will examine your business plan to make sure that it meets their criteria for investing. Most investment funds concentrate on an industry, geographic region, or the phase of business development.

Do your due diligence.

The investors will scrutinize the management team of your business as well as the market, its products and services, corporate governance documents, as well as financial statements.

Determine the meanings

If they wish to invest, the next step is to reach an agreement on a terms sheet which defines the terms and conditions for the fund's decision to make an investment.


If you are able to agree on a terms sheet then you are able to get the investment! Once a venture fund has invested, it will be involved in the business. Venture funds normally come in "rounds." As the company meets milestones more rounds of funding are available, with price adjustments as the company executes its plan.


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