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Signed up April 29, 2022

Complete Guide to Write an Argumentative Essay


Did you get assigned an argumentative essay for class?

Well, get used to it since these are the most frequently assigned essays.

Teachers love to give students argumentative essays to write as they give them a chance to evaluate students writing as well as analytical and argumentative skills.

Here’s everything suggested by essay writer you need to know about writing an argumentative essay.


What exactly is an argumentative essay?

In simple words, argumentative essays require students to explore an issue in-depth, pick a side and provide evidence to support their point of view.

Don’t confuse it with having an argument with someone in real life. Because in an argument, you focus on who’s right or wrong. However, in an argumentative essay, you have to side with the right side of the issue while discussing both the sides. You build your case by providing evidence to both support and refute the different sides of the issue at hand, so you should consult with essay writer online free available for help.


How to write an argumentative essay?

Such assignments seem difficult at first, but once you come up with a plan and follow certain steps, the writing process gets easier.


Finding the right topic

The first thing, of course, is choosing the right topic. You can easily find argumentative topics from the news, or you’ve heard someone argue about something, etc.

However, if you want to brainstorm and come up with a topic of your interest, keep the following questions in mind:

  •         Why did the issue occur?
  •         What caused it?
  •         Is it significant?
  •         How should we react towards it?

Also, go with a topic that you can prove logically. Just because you believe something is right doesn’t mean that others will too. Look for strong, factual evidence to support your claims.


Pick your side

Once you have decided on the topic, the next step is to determine your stance. Assess and evaluate both sides of the issue and pick the side that you can relate to.


Gather supporting evidence

In order to make the reader see your point of view and agree with it, you need to use evidence from credible sources. They can be in the form of facts, quotes, or other real-life examples and you can also suggest with the free essay writer online.


Develop the essay outline

The best way to start writing an essay is to come up with an outline. This will help keep you on track and give your writing a logical structure. The outline consists of an introductory paragraph, thesis statement, body and conclusion.

The introduction should serve as both a motivator to read further and educate the reader about the topic. Your thesis statement is the most important element for an argumentative essay as it highlights the main claim.

The body must be dedicated to justify the thesis and support your claims. Share your opinions about the issue, refute the counter-argument and provide evidence to support your views. Each body paragraph should discuss a separate point and don’t forget to use transitions between them.

The ending of your essay should give the reader a sense of closure. Restate the main points without repeating them word for word. And suggest a course of action that your reader can take once he is done reading the paper.

Follow these steps to come up with a strong argumentative essay. If you still face some difficulty, you can always get in touch with a free essay writers get free essays.



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