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What is an annual report for an LLC in Washington state LLC?

Businesses must file an annual report for LLCs and renewals on the internet with the Washington Secretary of State. The first annual report you file must be submitted within 120 days after the date your company's registration. Then, you will receive a notice from the secretary of state's office not less than a month prior to the date your annual report is due. The filing fee for annual reports currently is $60 with a convenience charge for credit card transactions.

Does an Washington LLC required to have an agent registered with the state?

All LLCs that operate in the state of Washington must name a registered agent who maintains physical addresses in the state. The registered agent receives all Washington-related communications including notices and annual reports from the secretary-of state's office.

What if I don't want to start my own tech-related business?

Washington's tech sector is vital, but many other industries are flourishing within the state. Washington, for example, is a pioneer in the field of clean energy and generates 25% of all the country's hydroelectric power. The state will provide support for clean energy and environmental businesses. There are many opportunities for maritime trades, agriculture, and forestry in the state's varied landscape. The influx of workers from all industries boosts the need for cafes, restaurants and bars.


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