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Signed up September 25, 2022

Original Title: People's Daily Focuses on the Economic Development of Yucheng County in Henan Province: a Small Steel Tape Measures a Big Market [Editor's Note] The palm-sized steel tape is a common measuring tool in life. The annual production and sales volume of steel tape in Yucheng County accounts for more than 85% of the country's total, and the export volume accounts for more than 60% of the country's total. It is exported to more than 70 countries and regions, with more than 100,000 employees. It has been awarded the title of "China Steel Tape City" by China Metrology Association. How does this happen in a traditional wheat-producing region? Recently, a reporter from People's Daily walked into Yucheng County, Henan Province, to interpret the legendary hardware products. The following is the full report: The largest direct selling point of production and sales in China has been built abroad. Measuring the World with a Tape Measure in Yucheng (People's Eye · County Brand Economy) Newspaper reporter Wu Jing Gong Jinxing Li Xiang Li Linbao A ruler in Yucheng measures all over the world. Henan Yucheng has an annual output of 1.5 billion steel tapes, more than one for each Chinese person. Each tape is connected by 5 meters, with a total length of 190 circles around the earth. Its production and sales account for more than 85% of the national market, and its export volume accounts for more than 60% of the national total, which are exported to more than 70 countries and regions in Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. It has an annual output of 150 million hardware measuring tools and 100,000 tons of steel belts. Yucheng's "China Steel Tape City" is located at the border of the old Yellow River and the junction of Henan, Shandong and Anhui. A state-level poverty-stricken county has written a legend of hardware products. The Kingdom of Steel Ruler "Amoyed" from Waste Products It is hard to imagine that Yucheng, the "kingdom of steel tape", is "washed out" from waste products. In the 1980s, Nanzhuang Village in Shaogang Town was very poor. Because there is no industry, life depends almost entirely on government relief. There is a popular saying in the local area: "It is better to eat pickle dregs than to marry a few people." Poverty leads to change, and change leads to success. Six farmers in the village were the first to eat crabs. The scrap ruler strips purchased from the state-owned tape factory were cut off and sold to students and rural construction workers in the surrounding villages, and the business was very prosperous. Several forerunners soon became well-known ten thousand yuan households. Villagers in the vicinity came to the door one after another and ate the "metering meal" together. Expand the full text For a time, steel tape workshops sprang up throughout the county. In 1992, Yucheng Zhongzhou Tape Factory, the first steel tape factory in Yucheng County, was born. A group of talented people in the countryside also took the lead in setting up factories, realizing the transformation from courtyard workshops to mechanized manufacturing. The rudiment of "Steel Tape Kingdom" is beginning to show. The market is changing and the road ahead is full of ups and downs. Low-grade assembly, while gradually becoming large-scale from small to large, has also encountered practical bottlenecks. First, the cost is high. The ruler strip, the ruler shell, the ruler belt, the nail, the spring and the like all need to be purchased from other places, which is time-consuming, laborious and low in profit; and secondly, the quality is low. The problem of inaccurate scale has not been thoroughly solved. Third, the market is narrow. With the improvement of consumer quality requirements and brand awareness, by the end of the 1990s, the original best-selling products had become unsalable products. There is no famous brand, poor quality, backward technology and vicious competition. Steel Tape Kingdom "Where to Go?"? People's Daily (June 09, 2017, 16 edition) Yucheng sized up the situation, met the challenges, prescribed the right medicine and turned around with difficulty. Dance the dragon head. It is difficult to upgrade in a small way, and only by strengthening the "dragon head" can we achieve great success. With the support of the county, leading enterprises such as Yadong, Jianghua, Huaxin, Dongfang and Changhong have achieved large-scale production and high-level products, which sell well all over the country and abroad. Swing the "dragon body". Supporting leading enterprises, the county promotes the establishment of assembly specialized households and villages, encourages "big with small, old with new, twinning", and makes "leading" and "dragon body" cooperate. Pull the dragon's tail. The county encourages the development of steel belts, paints,custom tailor tape, plastics, moulds, hardware and other related industries to form a relatively complete industrial chain, which drives tens of thousands of people to engage in processing, sales and transportation around steel tapes. From scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong, the "steel tape kingdom" began to transform into a butterfly. Up to now, there are nearly 2000 steel tape enterprises in Yucheng, with an annual output value of more than 7 billion yuan and an annual export earning of more than 40 million US dollars. In hundreds of large and medium-sized cities and some countries, there are direct sales points of Yucheng steel tape.
From the sole efforts of individual households to the establishment of industrial bases under the guidance of the government; from low-end products with pure handwork to high-end new products with chip voice systems; from OEM to independent brands; from single physical stores to multi-form, multi-channel and all-round marketing of physical and e-commerce; from extensive development to intelligent and intensive development; from domestic sales to export sales.. A small tape measure can make a big market and find a way to get rid of poverty and become rich. In 2016, the added value of Yucheng steel tape industry accounted for about 8% of the county's GDP, with more than 100,000 employees. Let more products go to the world, from the original measurement of the earth to tailor-made, customized global. Zhu Dongya, Secretary of Yucheng County Party Committee, said that next step, the county will highlight innovation-driven,personalised tailor tape, intelligent transformation and green development, build "China Hardware Tools City" and let Yucheng's hardware tools industry go to the world. R & D investment brings "money makes money" "Magnets weighing 2 grams bring benefits of 5 million yuan." On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2016, Zhang Yadong, general manager of Shangqiu Yadong Measuring Tools Company, was excited to receive a call from Peter, a German orderer. Peter wanted to renew the purchase contract of at least 5 million yuan magnet tape with the company, and he was anxious to rush to the company for an interview. Can a small magnet have such a big benefit? Since this small magnet is installed on the steel tape head, the work of two workers in the construction industry can be reduced to one. The 2-gram magnet not only increased the company's orders by at least 5 million yuan, but also won overseas markets such as Germany and Poland. Is the cost of research and development very high? Someone asked Zhang Yadong. Zhang Yadong calculated an account with a smile. For example, in the screw assembly workshop, only the automatic thread feeding machine has been developed for more than two years, with an investment of 700000 to 800000 yuan; after operation, more than 200 people have been saved. If the monthly salary of each person is 2500 yuan, the monthly labor cost will be saved by nearly 6 million yuan, and the inventory will be reduced by nearly 50%! The investment in R & D and automatic equipment is high, but the production cost and defective rate are greatly reduced, and the popularity of products is greatly improved. Innovation opens up the market, and innovation is the benefit. Zhang Yadong said: "Our Yadong measuring tools are the first enterprise in Yucheng County to obtain the European OHS environmental protection standard certification and the European Union EEC certification, which has fully opened up the European market.". Despite the downturn in the industry last year, we still maintained the momentum of shortage of supply and demand after making full use of product quality and technological content. Intelligent electronic measuring tools that can speak, electric digital display tape that can display, hand-pushed long-distance large-area measuring instrument with automatic conversion function, assembly machine that can directly assemble steel tape.. In the industrial agglomeration area of Yucheng County, patented products are dazzling. Enterprises in the region have 76 national patents and have successfully developed nearly 40 national patented technology products. We encourage enterprises to actively adopt new technologies, new technologies and new materials, increase investment in R & D funds, and set up enterprise technology centers or R & D centers, with remarkable results. Wang Ganfeng, head of the industrial cluster area in Yucheng County, said that in 2010, there was only one enterprise technology center in the area, and in 2016, the number increased to seven; the R & D investment of enterprises also increased year by year. At present, 125 enterprises above the county scale have established product and technology research and development institutions, of which 6 enterprises have been approved as high-tech enterprises, 6 enterprises have been approved as Henan Engineering Technology Research Center by Henan Science and Technology Departm ent, and the number of patents owned by enterprises in the county exceeds 300. The benefits of innovation are emerging. In the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Steel Tape and Hardware Tools in Yucheng County, a 50-meter-long inspection "ruler platform" is noticeable, fully demonstrating the strength of this national quality inspection center. " With the acceleration of innovation and development of "Steel Tape City", mini tape measure ,printed tape measure, the quality inspection center came into being in 2011. It has passed the national "three in one" qualification certification, and the testing scope has been expanded from 6 categories of steel tape and hardware tools, 41 technical parameters to 9 categories, 11 products and 91 technical parameters, involving 16 international standards and national standards. Through the establishment of a national public platform for quality inspection and the continuous strict supervision by the quality supervision department, the steel tape and hardware tools industry in Yucheng County has broken through the quality bottleneck and entered a new stage of winning by quality and making full efforts to innovate.
Sun Wenfeng, director of Yucheng Quality Supervision Bureau, said that in recent years, the quality of steel tape and hardware tools in the county has been continuously improved, and the qualified rate of Yucheng products sampled by provincial and municipal quality supervision departments was 89% in 2014, 97% in 2015 and 98% in 2016. Online sales to achieve global customization "More than 80% of the steel tapes in the country are produced in Yucheng, but none of the students know about it!"! I want to go back and sell steel tape measures. In 2012, Li Qianzhi, a second-year graduate student in Hebei, said to her classmates. Teachers and classmates who have a good relationship are concerned about her future: "This is promising!"! It's not easy to get out of that poor place. Why do you have to go back? "I want to try!" Li Qianzhi answered firmly. On March 8, 2013, Li Qianzhi's Henan Golden Rabbit Trading Co., Ltd. was officially opened. Two people, one network cable, two computers, one second-hand printer, work until four or five o'clock at night. Not afraid of the hardships of entrepreneurship, but worried about the positioning of the company. The leading enterprises in our hometown have occupied the domestic market, and the capital, technology, management and channels are not comparable. After thinking about it, Li Qianzhi decided to do "pure cross-border electricity supplier" and take the "Internet +" express train. Open online stores, purchase, find sales channels, overcome language barriers, contact customers.. Li Qianzhi is very busy. For a while, I received an email from a Nigerian customer around two o'clock every night. From 1:30 at night, she stayed in front of the computer and kept refreshing the page. The thoughtful service made her and the customer quickly become friends and promoted long-term cooperation. Another African customer came to Yucheng in the winter of 2014. The lowest temperature was below zero, but he came in short sleeves. His country is very hot, and he has never worn a down jacket. Li Qianzhi immediately bought him a down jacket and a hat, which touched the customer very much. Nowadays, every important festival in China, Li Qianzhi always receives the blessing of this customer. He invited us to his country many times and even invited us to his daughter's wedding, all of which he paid for. How big the dream is, how big the stage is. Li Qianzhi, with her hard work, has turned an unpromising two-person small company into a medium-sized cross-border e-commerce enterprise. Two employees have become three teams of more than 20 people, language communication has become difficult to have English, Russian, Korean and other multilingual professional customer service, a single product has become a steel tape, tape measure, screwdriver and other nearly 30 categories of hundreds of commodities, as a middleman to build 2500 square meters workshop, produce their own brand.. In 2015, Li Qianzhi's export volume exceeded 10 million yuan, of which e-commerce accounted for more than 90%, and its products were exported to the United States, Brazil, Italy and other countries. As a leading enterprise, Yang Jianbo's Shangqiu Jianbo Measuring Tools Company is also a "big e-commerce family". The online transaction volume of the Company in 2014 was RMB 28 million, including RMB 11.6 million for cross-border transactions; the online transaction volume in 2015 was RMB 32 million, including RMB 14 million for cross-border transactions. Yang Jianbo told reporters that the multi-channel sales promotion model of "wholesale + direct sales + agency sales" not only saves costs, but also improves revenue. The power of "e-commerce" marketing is accelerating. Busy online shopping, lay the foundation offline. Cheng Huijian, Standing Committee of Yucheng County Committee and Deputy County Governor, said that we should pay close attention to the construction of cross-border e-commerce industrial parks and e-commerce incubator parks, and launch a cross-border trade and modern logistics base in eastern Henan Province with "online trading as the main part, entity operation as the supplement, and coexistence of supporting services", so as to enhance the "China Steel Tape City" and build a "world hardware city". In April, Henan Shangqiu Bonded Logistics Center (Type B), located in Yucheng County, passed the acceptance of the General Administration of Customs and will be closed for operation in the near future. Li Qianzhi said happily that it used to be laborious to deliver goods to coastal provinces and cities for export, but now it is convenient to have a bonded area. The wish of "export at home" has finally come true. From OEM Domestic Sales to OEM Export Sales "Jianbo, not only a famous Chinese brand, but also a foreign brand, has been registered in South America for more than ten years, including Brazil, Panama, Chile, Argentina and other countries." Mention oneself brand of steel tape, Yang Jianbo is very proud: "Without brand, be accepted hard.".
” From processing workshops in villages and towns to small vendors in Yiwu, from medium-sized enterprises with OEM production to large enterprises with registered brands overseas and specializing in foreign trade. Over the past 20 years, Yang Jianbo has taken a road of branding. In 2000, Yang Jianbo contracted a booth in Yiwu and started customized production of steel tape labels. Different customers have different preferences. If you do what you like, the sales volume will be bigger. But like many export enterprises, Yang Jianbo has encountered a new problem: the profit of OEM is very low, and well-known enterprises will not look for him at all. I'm determined to create my own brand. Since 2005, he has registered the "Jianbo" trademark in South America and other countries. At the beginning, the product popularity was low and the shipment volume was small. But he insisted on high-quality production and gradually won the trust of customers. In 2016, 10 million Jianbo measuring tools were sold, with a total sales of 120 million yuan, of which 50% were self-owned brand products. Today, Jianbo Measuring Tools Company covers an area of 45 mu, with 22000 square meters of factory buildings and 268 employees. Its products are exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia, and it has become a leading enterprise in the industry with total assets of 120 million yuan. Looking ahead, the display wall of the workshop is filled with all kinds of steel tapes, red and yellow, round and square. Yang Jianbo enthusiastically showed the reporter: "This laser steel tape can accurately measure the distance by pressing the button to irradiate the laser; this is an electric red wine bottle opener, a portable car tire inflator.." The most important thing is that this is our own brand. Like Jianbo Company, many measuring tool enterprises in "China Steel Tape City" have registered their own trademarks abroad. Jianbo, Haibo, Crocodile, Ocean, Hualian, Yadong.. This "overseas corps" of Chinese steel tape and hardware measuring tools has created a shining "Chinese business card". " Holding a group to go overseas, the brand effect is more significant. Zhang Yadong has a deeper understanding of the brand. Yadong Company used to export its own products separately, but now it exports with other measuring tools enterprises. It used to export steel tapes, but now it exports household tools, professional tools, electric tools and other series of products. The overseas market share of Yadong Company is gradually expanding. Zhang Yadong said that the promotion of group exports is the regional brand, which has more benefits. Like a professional market, high visibility, more customers, do not buy his buy yours, all brands will benefit. From product brand to regional brand, how to form the word-of-mouth effect of "speaking of steel tape, everyone knows Yucheng" in China? How to play the "national character" sign of "China Steel Tape City" overseas? Highlight the "Yucheng Brand" and constantly expand its influence. China Yucheng International Hardware Tools and Measuring Tools Expo will be held to help enterprises develop domestic and foreign markets; Yucheng Tools and Measuring Tools Global Promotion Plan will be launched, and international professional marketing agencies will be invited to plan and promote; enterprises will be organized to participate in global exhibitions, and Yucheng Special Zone will be set up; Shangyu Tools and Measuring Tool Industry Group will be established to make Yucheng brand bigger and stronger.. Bai Chao, the county magistrate,bra tape measure, said that he would polish the brand of "China Steel Tape City" and move towards "World Hardware City". Make the "hardware" cake bigger, create advanced production and living hardware tools and equipment, so that Yucheng "hardware" can better decorate the colorful world. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.


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