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Signed up August 29, 2022

Keep your batteries charged

The cold weather can cause batteries to suffer a lot of damage So make sure to charge your batteries when camping. Keep your equipment inside your bag of sleeping until you go to bed at night. It will make sure that your batteries aren't depleted of charge.

Get started with a fire

It isn't easy to light a fire while hiking if you're not familiar with the right techniques or regulations. You might find the wood damp or you don't have enough firewood. If you're not prepared it may be difficult to start the fire in winter.

You'll have the best chance to light the winter fire if bring windproof matches and lighters.

Rock Your Tent

It is also possible to use rocks to secure your tent stakes if it is too cold to do so. If the ground seems slick and rocks are under it, you should visit the closest water source. You can find water on the beach.


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