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Signed up August 20, 2022

What are the brand guidelines?

Brand guides (also known as a brand style manual) is basically a document and guideline for how to present your brand.

They provide every visual detail along with important details about the company's voice, tone, and messaging. They come in the form of a printed or digital publication that contains examples of what to do and not do.

7 companies that have killer brand guidelines

  1. Asana

While certain logos and images may seem unnatural However, smart companies design these with a certain strategy and purpose. Asana helps users comprehend the "why" behind its branding, by explaining its choices, including its logo's 3 dots.

These dots are an expression of the unending potential for human-to-human collaboration. The company hopes that they provide a sense of clarity, balance and purpose-driven design.

Micah Daigle was the co-leader of a rebranding effort for the SaaS company. Daigle even wrote an ebook on the origins and thinking process behind Asana's rebranding.

  1. Slack

Slack's guidelines for branding are placed under its media kit. They cover all aspects, from branding themes to governance considerations.

By using whitespace and graphics Through the use of graphics and whitespace, the content is informative, yet not overpowering. The brand's image is best represented through bright colors and clear lines.

The key here is the comparative lists. Slack simplifies the meaning of its logo by displaying inappropriate usage cases in addition to acceptable instances. This is evident in the way that its logo is contrasted and compared. The voice of the brand is given the same treatment.

  1. Nusr-Et

Photography can either make or break an food company. Nusr-Et has included product photography in its branding guidelines.

The background is cold and dark so that the food is the main focus of the photo. Particularly, in meat pictures, the texture and thickness should be easily seen so viewers can immediately tell the quality of the food.

The photos set the tone and mood for the brand's identity: The minimalist backgrounds and focus on the details demonstrate sophistication and dedication to their work.

You can learn more about the creation of Nusr-Et's brand by reading its brand book. You can utilize the book to design your own guidelines for branding your restaurant if you are considering opening a restaurant.


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