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Signed up August 20, 2022

Strategies for creating brand guidelines

  1. Be particular!

The more information you can provide the more specific, the more detailed. If you've addressed this in your strategy for branding elaborate on specific scenarios and the uses of different colours, fonts, and imagery.

Element Three has a font that is perfect for almost every communication channel within its guidelines for branding.

The Typeface Usage section discusses the font's name and style for titles and headlines, and body copy. These rules are applicable to a variety of media, including web and print publications, emails, and internal employee events.

  1. Choose your primary color

Choose your primary color if want to make your brand more solid.

For example, Netflix calls its primary color "Netflix red,"" and HubSpot uses "HubSpot orange." Spotify uses--you guessed it--"Spotify green."

This builds a sense of the brand's authority and makes it your own personal space. (Spoiler alert it's not private however it certainly is cool looking.


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