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Signed up August 20, 2022

to consider when selecting a printer-on-demand provider

Whichever print-on-demand company you choose plays a significant role in the growth of your business. It is crucial that you choose the best option.

What makes a company that prints on demand a good investment? What are the main elements to be looking for when choosing a print-on demand provider? Here are five crucial things to look out for:

  1. Quality products of the highest quality

Let me give it to you the truth: It doesn't matter how gorgeous your designs are if the products fall apart after a week.

It's recommended to narrow down a list of of your favorite print-on-demand suppliers and then purchase some sample products from them. So, you'll get to experience the products' quality on your own.

In the case of printed products, it's also crucial to determine if the ink rubs off easily.

  1. Shipping times are speedy.

With services such as Amazon Prime Customers can now expect rapid shipping times when shopping on the internet.

Therefore, it will be difficult to establish a good brand name and to earn repeat business from happy customers if delivery is delayed or the products are delivered late.

This is why it's essential to look at the typical shipping time when choosing a print-on-demand company. Ideally, you would like customers to receive their products within one week after placing an order.

  1. Shipping rates and product costs are reasonable

Although quality and speed are vital to successful businesses, costs can be even more critical.

Selecting a print-on demand company that has high product and shipping fees may mean smaller margins--meaning that you'll lose money per sale. This can have negative consequences that can hinder the growth of your business, since you'll be able to spend less money reinvest into things like Facebook advertising.

It's more beneficial to think about the amount you can earn per sale than comparing print-on demand service's costs. For instance, paying higher prices for products of higher quality could enable you to offer them for more money. Shopify's profit calculator will assist you in calculating your margins.

  1. Printing and customizing options

Print-on demand companies typically provide a variety of choices for customization. According to your needs you might require a lot of customization and printing options or just a few.

Are you planning to sell items with simple logos? Are you looking to showcase your creative potential by utilizing a myriad of styles? It is also worth considering the customized packaging options provided by each print-on demand company.

Whichever print-on-demand site you decide to use, ensure it meets your design and branding requirements.

  1. Integrations with other platforms

Print-on-demand options allow sellers to sell their products through various channels. Also, you should make sure that you are able to grow. For instance, maybe you're only selling on Etsy right now. It's nevertheless recommended to make sure there are other options available. In this way, you won't need to change to another print-on-demand provider in the future.


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