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Long term and Short term Relationships

If you've been able to approach a girl successfully, congratulations! The hardest part is over. A relationship can be the greatest thing in the world, or the worse thing in the world. According to dating site with a divorce rate well over 50% in America, it is seemingly impossible to maintain a stable relationship. In this article we're going to focus primarily on how to make a relationship last, so for all of you "players" out there this will still prove helpful.

The way in which you act and respond towards your new girl, is relative to what type of person she is. We will provide you with the information proven most successful under the most frequent dating scenarios. You may either want a long lasting relationship, or to just get in her pants. There are different processes for both to accomplish your goal with the most success.

If you are seeking a long term relationship

The key to laying the foundation for a long term relationship is sacrifice. Yes, sacrifice. There are a number of reasons contributing to our society's poor relationship scene. One of the primary reasons comes from people's flawed dating sense. People involve themselves in a relationship for all of the wrong reasons. For the past several decades society has become more and more accepting of sexual ism, and over indulgent in materialism. Therefore, most people are basing their relationships on sex and materialism. But the problem arises once the couple truly gets to know each other for who they are, they realize the difference is too great and the relationship ends. So when we say the key to a long term relationship Is sacrifice, we mean the key to a long term relationship is avoiding the temptation to have sex early on, and putting forth emphasis on getting to know the individual. In other words, keep it in your pants for a couple months. Believe us, it is hard to do, but in the long run it will really help. By staying clear of sex early on, you are doing 3 positive things:

  • Focusing on the Relationship

By staying away from sex for the first couple months, you are getting to know her and her alone without any distractions. We all love sex, but when both people are holding off on sex, it gives both of them a greater incentive to know each other It lays a great foundation for a long term relationship.

  • Giving the Relationship Incentive

Think of sex as a reward. If you're able to keep it in your pants for so long, after having known a person pretty well, sex can be viewed upon as a reward. The sex is also a lot better since it is more personal.

  • Showing her you aren't a Typical Guy

In our society it seems as though all men are after one thing and one thing only, sex. If you're able to prove to her you aren't all about sex, you'll win a lot of points.

It's hard to find a female right for you. The majority of the females you meet will not work out. Unless of course you have great mate criteria and psychological skills. Either way, follow this guideline for the best chance! :)

If you are Seeking a Sexual Relationship

One would naturally assume once you've been able to "reel" a female in, having sex with her is easy! Sure, most of the time it is, but it's a lot harder keeping a relationship based on sex to last. When you have sex with a female you hardly know, you're doing two things. You're cutting to the chase, and you're giving her the whole package. If you're inexperienced you're risking a lot and most of the time she will not be a "recurring visitor" if you know what we mean. So if your goal is to score, your chances of being successful lie within your sexual abilities. Which is exactly why we dedicated 1/3 of our guide to sex! Once you've gotten yourself a girl, it is time to knock her socks off. Chances are she is experienced, and if you take a risk with an experienced girl while you're just the "average joe", you're going to lose her after the first sexual encounter.


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