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Signed up September 9, 2022

Extender Firmware Upgrade Procedures
Firmware is the software that powers your extender. Until the extender's firmware is updated to the most recent version, it is still not complete. You can update the Linksys extender's firmware using the following steps:

Log in to the settings page of the online extender to start the update process.
This portal's website can be accessed at Extender.Linksys.Com.
In the browser, enter the following address.
Give the login information (username and password).
Visit the administration area next.
The firmware upgrade option can be found in the administration.
The firmware update process will begin when you click "Firmware Update."
Don't interrupt the setup procedure because doing so can damage the firmware.
The extender's performance is improved, errors are fixed, and new functionality is added when the firmware is updated.
This is how you use the login page to upgrade the firmware on your extender. Additionally, the updated firmware stops and fixes intermittent or unstable WiFi connections.


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