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Signed up August 20, 2022


Do you envision one day creating your own clothing business? It's more likely than you think. This is especially true with print-on-demand companies such as Apliiq.

This program lets you develop high-quality and high-end products with your own name with a range of designs which you can market through an assortment of online and offline channels.

Furthermore, Apliiq offers better wholesale discounts than most POD services and is a good option for entrepreneurs who wish to launch a fashion brand.


AOP+ is primarily focused on products with all-over printing. For those unfamiliar, all-over-print involves printing designs directly onto the fabric, which is then cut and hand-sewn to create the final item.

Upload your design, select the items you wish to create, and AOP+ will handle the rest. The shipping costs vary based on the product, with AOP+ offering discounts on additional products within the same purchase.


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