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Star Ring _ 1

"Lin Tian it's too early to say who will win and who will lose!" Gan Hong sneered and when the steel knife picked up from the ground took advantage of the knife in Lin Tian's hand to distract Wu Song's sword it went straight down to Lin Tian's face! Hum Lin Tian snorted coldly which sounded like a thunderbolt in Gan Hong's mind He had previously realized some methods of mental attack but this was the first application in actual combat! The effect that is very good! Gan Hong slightly stupefied the knife potential is also a slow! This Leng time is less than a second but the master a second of time is enough to do a lot of things Lin Tian's left fist lightning in the chest of Gan Hong strong strength suddenly hit inside the body of Gan Hong his heart is shaken into blood foam! As the leader of the Yellow River Gang Gan Hong fell to the ground Biochemicals and Pharmaceutical Chemicals and died! "Big Brother!" Wu Song was furious He had just been killed by Lin Tian and Lin Tian killed Gan Hong in the blink of an eye Wu Song and Gan Hong had a very good relationship How could they not be angry But in that anger there was also a touch of fear! "You go with him too!" Lin Tian's voice like the horn of death sounded in Wu Song's mind the bright light of the knife like lightning toward him straight down this knife has no skill the only advantage is fast extremely fast but when fast to a certain extent there is no need for skill Wu Song found that he could not flash this knife at all just put the sword in his hand across his head The knife fell down! Chapter 157 Thunder Cloud Royal Academy of Magic! (For flowers!) An irresistible force passed from Lin Tian's sword to Wu Song's sword Wu Song's sword was just above his head Affected by the force of Lin Tian's sword the sword in his hand suddenly fell into his own head Probably Wu Song had never thought that one day he would die under his own sword! Sect leader vice leader died in a short period of time the Yellow River to help all the fiery minds like a bucket of cold water poured on a return to reason fear of heart suddenly occupied their hearts to now they over a thousand people died in the hands of Lin Tian has been more than half all the people close to Lin Tian has become a corpse even if Lin Tian may be killed But now go up the absolute death is their own no one to do such a fool! The death of Gan Hong and Wu Song not only lowered the morale of the Yellow River Gang but also excited the people in Wulin who were watching! Kill kill these beasts of the Yellow River Gang! I don't know who shouted shout ShaSheng suddenly rang into one To these people most of them have hatred for the Yellow River Gang the rest of those is also very willing to do a chivalrous good deed as for the killing of the Yellow River Gang will offend the people behind the Yellow River gang they are not considered anyway after killing immediately left so many people here who knows who killed! If you want to find trouble you can only find trouble with Lin Tian! There are thousands of people in Jianghu rushing up China Chemicals but the number of people in the Yellow River Gang is only four hundred and in order to reflect the style of the Yellow River Gang the disciples of the Yellow River Sect all wear the same clothes! Seeing such a situation Lin Tian knew that he did not need to make his own move and his body retreated sharply and all of a sudden he came to the side of the snow and got on horseback! "Drive!" Urged to step on the snow Lin Tian quickly left the final result Lin Tian need not guess is to know the courage has lost the Yellow River Gang disciples absolutely can not stop those Jianghu characters! The Yellow River Gang from today on except! Returning to the city from Happy Town Lin Tian came to the inn where he had stayed before and immediately returned to the space of the Star Ring after saving the snow This in and out the reality is just two hours in the past Yang Shi Yang Xue has been sleeping Lin Tian did not disturb them told Xiao Ling into the world where Yasha is
"I haven't come to see Yasha for so long and she's worried to death!" Lin Tian did not go to Gary's shop for the first time but walked quickly to Hans Academy of Magic! Come to the gate of the college Lord Lin Tian you haven't been here for a long time! The gatekeeper of Hans Academy of Magic Xiu Wei is actually not bad has the strength of a junior magic teacher but as soon as he saw Lin Tian he hurriedly came out of the room and saluted respectfully! Lin Tian killed the king of Zhennan in the palace of Zhennan and the empire thought it was all right From this point even if he was a pig he knew that Lin Tian was not ordinary And that day but there are a lot of people to see the king of Zhennan is a swordsman level of strength unexpectedly is also those who easily died in the hands of Lin Tian Lin Tian showed the strength of although Material Chemicals only the big magic teacher but in the hearts of others he is already a god-level master! God-level master where to go it will be respected! "Yasha is not at the college" Lin Tian looked in the direction of where Yasha lived in Hanqi College and frowned slightly The gatekeeper was startled Lin Tian knew that Yasha was not in the Academy before he went in But thinking that Lin Tian was a god-level master it seemed that he could sense it It was also a matter of course He hurriedly said "Yes Lord Lin Tian the magic contest held every four years in the mainland has been open for three days Miss Yasha also participated in the contest so she is not in the Academy!" Lin Tian smiled and said "Yasha with her little cultivation can she also take part in the magic contest" The gatekeeper said "Lord Lin Tian Miss Yasha has made rapid progress Now she is a junior wizard It's no problem to take part in the intermediate competition The dean should just let her gain more knowledge" Lin Tian nodded "Thank you for telling me goodbye!" Lin Tian finished turned and walked away leaving the doorman standing there with a red face of excitement Lord Lin Tian actually thanked me actually thanked me! Cried the doorman in his heart If an ordinary person thanks him it can not produce any waves in his heart but a god-level master in his eyes thanks him the effect is naturally quite different! God-level master before want to see is impossible but now there is a god-level master to thank him the gatekeeper can not be excited


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