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Signed up August 29, 2022

Safety equipment: Make sure you are safe out in the elements by bringing the flashlight, headlamp basic first-aid kit as well as a whistle, multi-tool, prescription medications as well as an compass. You should also be equipped with duct tape and the tools to fix your tent or stove.

In case of emergency, I'll always carry an extra battery pack with me for my cell phone. Make sure that the battery pack stays warm to stop it from freezing.

Accessories: It's smart to bring along soap, hand sanitizers for fire-starting, fire-starting tools and quick drying towels for camping trips.

If you are camping in winter, it is important to have a high-quality tent heater. There is a high chance of suffering from hypothermia when you sleep. The best camping heaters will be easy to transport and have automated shut-off functions.

Heater F215100

The handy propane heater portable can heat up to 95 square feet. It is also non-odorous and is able to heat up to 95 square feet of space at a maximum height 7000 feet. It runs continuously for 5.6 hour.


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