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"This is for you." Xu Dalie suddenly took out a wooden box from the cuff of his robe. The small square box was wrapped up in layers by a brocade handkerchief. Green summer can not help but rise a trace of curiosity, do not know what is so precious. You know, in this place, a silk handkerchief is more expensive than a whole piece of leather. For me? Qingxia pointed to her face and asked. "" After opening the brocade handkerchief layer by layer, I finally saw the box made of pine. Qingxia solemnly opened the lid of the box, only to see a snow-white flower lying quietly inside, crystal white, emitting a faint fragrance, another kind of fresh and elegant. Qingxia felt something was wrong with her. She smiled and said, "Thank you, Xu Dalie. I like it very much." On the snow-white snowfield, the fresh wind is blowing gently, and on the red sky, there are free white horses waving their wings. Xu Dalie's eyes were hot and inexplicable. He stared at Qingxia tightly and suddenly said, "Xia Qing, I like you. I don't want you to live alone like this.". Didn't you say you liked my house? Do you like my younger brother and sister? Do you like the hand-grabbed meat made by my grandmother? Then you can marry me and let me take care of you. In the future, my younger brother and sister will be your younger brother and sister, and my grandmother will be your grandmother. I will treat you well all my life. I will not bully you, and I will make you happy all my life. Despite the psychological preparation, but Qingxia is still a stay, do not know what to say. When Xu Dalie saw that Qingxiang did not speak, he suddenly beat the horse and leaned over. He took Qingxia's hand and said softly,Sex Enhancement Powder, "As soon as I saw you, I knew you had suffered a lot.". Although the Shanhaiguan Pass is prosperous, but life is not free, can not hunt, can not herd horses, years of war. Why don't you stay here and we'll herd horses outside the pass and go hunting in the mountains? Qingxia looked at Xu Dalie's young and handsome face, and suddenly a trace of warmth and softness rose in her heart. She held Xu Dalie's big hand slowly and said softly, "Xu Dalie,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, Xia Qing likes this kind of life very much, and she also likes to live happily and freely outside the pass with you.". But I always thought that Xu Dalie was my very good friend, who could drink together, hunt together, and ride together. If I did something to make you misunderstand before, or did not see your hint, causing you to think like this today, then Xia Qing apologized to you. However, I really don't want to be involved in these things. I hope you can understand me. Xu Dalie was slightly stupefied. It seemed that he didn't expect Qingxia to refuse him without hesitation. He lowered his head and thought about it. Then he asked, "Did you refuse me because of the person you were waiting for?" "No," Qingxia shook his head decisively. "He is my eldest brother." "Xia Qing, you don't lie to me, your surname is Xia, his surname is Yang, how can he be your own brother.". I just want to know why you reject me with such certainty. Is it because there is something wrong with me? Qingxia pursed the corners of her mouth and said sincerely, "Xu Dalie, D BHB Factory ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, you are a very good person. You should find a better woman to love you, not me." "Xia Qing, I think you are better than any woman.". I don't like those unruly women in the north, and I don't like those pretentious Han women in Donglu Pass. You are kind-hearted and beautiful. If you are willing to marry me, even if all countries give me princesses, I will not look at them. Qingxia immediately did not know what to say, looking at Xu Dalie, at a loss for words. Xu Dalie looked at Qingxia's silent appearance, sighed dejectedly, and suddenly asked: "Xia Qing, what is the person you are waiting for?" Qingxia saw that he still thought that the person he loved was her. Since he couldn't say it clearly, he simply let him decide. He said in a deep voice, "Xu Dalie, he is really not my eldest brother.". He is my savior, for me, give up their own fame and fortune and bright future, almost lost his life, and now life and death is still uncertain.
You northerners are all good men who are faithful and righteous. Do you think I can let such a man down? Xu Dalie was stupefied. After thinking about it, he said doubtfully, "Is he a general?" "Well," Qingxia nodded and said, "Yes." Xu Dalie nodded and suddenly said with a smile, "You're right, Xia Qing. This man is a man. I won't force you." Qing Xia smiled and patted Xu Dalie on the shoulder and said, "That's right. We are still good friends." "En," Xu Dalie pulled the reins, the two looked at each other and smiled, and ran toward the village. After drinking some wine in the evening, Qingxia was sent back to his tent by Xu Dalie in a daze. The next morning, before she opened her eyes, the sound of a horse's hooves broke Qingxia's sleepiness. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and saw Bumble and the Nakdo brothers lift the curtain of the tent and say loudly to Qingxia, "Jiema Agu, Xu Dalie is gone!" "What?" Qingxia's sleepiness suddenly disappeared. She opened her eyes wide and asked, "Gone?"? Where did you go? "When he got up in the morning, he disappeared, and he didn't take anything with him. He didn't even have a play. He left only this." Bumble handed over a piece of paper. As soon as Qingxia took it, she felt dizzy. She put on her clothes and ran out of the tent. She said to the two men, "You wait. I'll go after him." Hunting Xichuan Chapter 91 Hunting Xichuan "Jiema Agu, Xu Dalie left last night. You can't catch up with him!" Cried Bumble. Qingxia's footsteps stopped in place, holding the scrawled letter in her hand. Just feel a trace of sadness like weeds like crazy breeding up, the north wind blowing fiercely, blowing people's cheeks ache, Qingxia sat down slowly against the pillars of the camp, holding the letter's hand, are trembling slightly. Xu Dalie, how cruel and capricious you are, if something happens to you? Do I have to spend my whole life in guilt and self-reproach? "Jiema Agu," said Nakdo in a gruff voice, "where is Xu Dalie? What does the letter say? Qingxia only felt very tired,Thyroid Powder Factory, she held the pillar slowly stood up, went to the camp inside, hastily began to pack up.


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