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Signed up August 20, 2022

How to make brand guidelines

  1. Don't be afraid to ask for specific

More information is better. This is something you can address within your brand's strategy. Describe specific uses of different fonts, colors, and images.

In Element Three's brand guidelines the company has an exact font for pretty much all communication channels.

The Typeface Usage section explains the font name and style used for titles and headlines and also for body copy. These rules are applicable to a variety of channels, such as printed and email content and internal events.

  1. Name your primary color

Select your primary color if you wish to make your company more solid.

Netflix is one example. It is known as its primary color "Netflix Red" and HubSpot uses it "HubSpot Orange." Spotify, however utilizes -- you've guessed it, Spotify Green.

In doing this, it gives a sense of authority for your company, and it claims the color as your personal area of. (Spoiler alert it's not private however it certainly looks cool.

This advice for brand guidelines is close to cheating.

  1. Your guidelines should be branded

The aim of the brand guidelines is to ensure that your brand is always conveyed in the same way, and the guidelines themselves are no exception.

Think of it as another marketing tool that showcases the brand's personality.

It's possible to accomplish this by adding small touches that follow the guidelines you're explaining.

Instead of using black numbers, you can use your logo icon and add colors to make it personal. Your brand colors and fonts should be used for sections' headings, as well as explanations and descriptions.

This is an older version of the Quiqup brand. It was based on a curly Q logo and icon. The looped line was extending throughout the guidelines of the brand to create a visual flow , and establish the brand's visual brand's identity.


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