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Three Legged Chair


Three Legged Chair
Signed up July 29, 2014

Erin, Katie, and Kiara, the Three Legs, help you Create Your Own Musical!

Hi! We’re Three Legged Chair.

Three Legged Chair makes musicals with kids.
We support children through a transformative process of full self-expression. The students who walk in the door on the first day are not the same as the ones who take their final bow. Their shyness falls away as they find bold, strong voices. They start to jump in, share their hearts, and throw out ideas without worrying if they are 'right.' They learn to value everyone's input in building something as an ensemble. These skills stay with them. No matter what they go on to do in their lives, they participate in the world as artists: seeing opportunities to innovate, change, and create something new that wasn't there before.

What we do is create the sturdy foundation—just like the legs of a chair—to support a group of students coming together, squishing up all of their imaginations, and telling a story. A story set to music. A story no one has ever heard of before. A story straight from their hearts. So you never know what it’s going to be.

And since we pay such close attention to the unique creative spirit of each regular person—well, the whole group pays close attention too—and all of a sudden each person discovers their extraordinary voice—their singing voice, acting voice, writing voice, inner voice—and all are heard in their strongest, most honest, highest-potential-type way. Who hears them? The audience! We perform our super-awesome original musical for them!

It’s pretty cool, actually.

Three Legged Chair has been teaching this program since 2009, to pre-k and kindergarten students, elementary students, middle and high school students, and to brave adults who didn’t even know they had a creative bone in their body.

We should teach it to you too.

Katie, Erin, & Kiara
The Three Legs


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Three Legged Chair

by Three Legged Chair
With your contribution, we can help more students find their unique voices, share their true hearts, and create their own original musicals!
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