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  • Locator 1: The case that finds your phone

    Goal: Develop the case and an app

  • Broadway For All: Funding for Dramatic Writing

    Goal: Launch a new dramatic writing division for summer of 2015

  • Plucked: A startup reinventing college admissions

    Goal: Launch a web app that lets students apply to colleges for free

  • Pineventz: A photo/video/calendar social site

    Goal: Finalize development of social media tech website

  • Play Date, More than a Short Film

    Goal: Fund the Movie and help homeless individuals rebuild their lives

  • EcoPod: Soil-less Greenhouse System

    Goal: Solve world hunger by speeding up food production

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Not only get funding from your community, but you can vote on which campaigns get funding from us.   Incubate your business idea remotely, or in Malibu, California using proven crowdfunding demand test model.   Evergreen crowdfunding: sell your rewards, products or services at our global marketplace, before, after or during your campaign.   A portion of our profits goes to supporting Women and Diversity Groups along with developing communities.

Featured Campaigns


Prick - A Short Film

by Lisanne Sartor
'Prick' - a short film about the three P's - Penises, Pregnancy and Parenthood.
100% $10,020 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 30, 2014

Play Date

Play Date is more than just a film, it's a story that makes a difference. Partial proceeds go to help homeless individuals rebuild lives.
100% $18,850 Funded
Funded Contributed Jul 12, 2014

Fight Mental Illness with Photography

by Broken Light Collective
Help Broken Light Collective fight stigma, raise awareness & empower people living with or affected by mental illness through photography
140% $7,033 Funded
Funded Contributed Oct 4, 2014


by Tj Wright
Introducing the Phone Tracker Case - Locator1. Next Generation GPS tracking device, design and build specifically for your phone.
1% $535 40 days
Funded Contributed To Go


by Silvia Suro
We are creating a guilt-free soda that actually tastes great! It's a delicious and all-natural choice for health-conscious soda lovers
4% $2,470 54 days
Funded Contributed To Go


by Denisha Kuhlor
Help change the college admissions process.Plucked is a web application where students can apply to college for free.
10% $4,231 9 days
Funded Contributed To Go