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Help 2 Dog Rescues Save Animals

A campaign by Micaela Passeri

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A campaign by Micaela Passeri
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I have been fostering dogs for various organizations and people for years now and every once in a while I help them raise money for the services they provide by sharing their work with my community.

Years ago Hounds of Hope helped me care for a sweet dog named Rex that I had found on the street of LA, he had medical issues and my friend Mariah, who volunteers for Hounds of Hope by picking up dogs out of kill shelters on their last day, connected me with HoH and Rex got the medical attention he needed.  SInce then I have fostered over 10 doggies and helped organizations like this find forever homes for dos in need.

I have also fostered for Dogs Without Borders that helps pregnant doggies find homes for their babies so they don't end up on the street killed of taken to a kill shelter.  Dogs without Borders spends over $150,000 each year rescuing, caring for and finding forever homes for the dogs they save. 

These are just a few ways that I have witnessed organizations like these give to helpless animals who might have ended up where they are because of us humans.  

Help me help more dogs and animals in need by helping me raise a little money for these two organizations.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.  :)

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