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How to start your dream campaign?


Crowdfunding campaign is all about telling your story and inspiring friends, family, fans and supporters to contribute for your cause.

How to get started

Crowdfunding can be daunting and if you look at some of the other platforms, creating and launching your campaign may take sometimes weeks or months. Our goal is to simplify this process and our campaign creation wizard (step-by-step questions) will simplify the process and you can start your campaign in minutes. Once your campaign is launched, our simple sharing technology will help you promote on your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Email. At any given point of time, if you get stuck, please reach out to us via email or contact one of our community experts.


3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Create campaign.

Clearly describe what you are raising money for; be genuine and authentic.

Step 2: Promote campaign

To create a successful campaign you need a strong social media campaign.

Step 3: Start campaign

Collect the contributions and get ready to launch your project / business.


Detailed steps

Step 1: Click on Create Your Dream?

Step 2: Log In or Sign Up

We strongly recommend using Facebook for sign in, so that you can easily share your dream with your family and friends on . You can always use other options, if you want…

Step 3: Create your campaign

Simple one page questionnaire (8 basic questions) to create a dream campaign!

Step 4: Promote your campaign

We strongly recommend posting and sharing your campaign on Facebook/Twitter and/or email your family and friends. Success of your campaign depends on you!

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