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Campaign Guidelines


Fund Dreamer is here as a resource to help women fund almost any project you need or can dream of. Be kind, be honest, and obey the rules.

Campaign Guidelines

Campaigns must be clearly presented and honest
Your campaign must be honest and factual. You must clearly state what your project is for and what you are going to use the funds for. You may not misrepresent facts, people, companies, charities, or organizations. If you are building a prototype you must be factual on what the product is and display what your product is.

Community Rules
Fund Dreamer is not a place for hatred, abuse, disrespect, profanity, meanness, harassment, or spam. DO NOT:
- You may not post images or videos that are sexually explicit or post links to sites that contain sexually explicit material
- No spamming
- Show people or animals being hurt or degraded
- You may not promote hatred against individuals or groups based on race, disability, gender identity, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, or religion.
- You may not hack our site or campaigns
- We reserve the right to remove any campaign at anytime at our own discretion

Disputes between Campaign Owners and Contributors
Fund Dreamer is not responsible for resolving disputes between Campaign Owners and Contributors.

Prohibited Campaigns
If your campaign is claiming to turn Batman into Spiderman, unless its a comic book don’t try to post it. If a campaign is obviously fake we will not post it. Provide as much information as possible to make sure we approve your campaign. You may not raise money for illegal activities, to scam, or cause harm to people or property. You must be able to follow through with your perks.

Campaigns can’t fundraise for prohibited items.
Prohibited items:
- Any item (a) prohibited by applicable law to possess or distribute, (b) that would cause you to violate applicable law if you were to distribute it, or (c) that would cause you to infringe or violate another person's rights if you were to distribute it.
- Any item claiming to cure, treat, or prevent an illness or condition (whether via a device, app, book, nutritional supplement, or other means).Offensive material (e.g., hate speech, encouraging violence against others, etc.)
- Pornographic material.
- Tobacco, weapons, drugs, and drug paraphernalia.
- Offering a genetically modified organism as a reward
- Offering alcohol as a reward.
- Offering financial, money-processing, or credit services; financial intermediaries
- Any form of ownership interest in a company or venture (unless you are on the Equity side of the site)
- Weapons, ammunition, and related accessories
- Any form of lottery or gambling
- Items promoting hate, personal injury, death, damage, or destruction to property

Inactive Campaigns.
Any campaigns that are inactive for more than 15 days are automatically archived. Please email to reactivate.

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