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Unlike other companies, we have a singular focus on empowering women to fund their dreams through crowdfunding.

Our Services

The success of crowdfunding campaigns depends on you, your family, friends, fans and supporters. You do most of the hard work by emailing or posting your campaign on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Websites like ours make it easier for you to raise and collect the money from different people with a variety of payment methods such as Credit Cards, PayPal etc.

Supported campaigns Donation Based
Reward Based
Equity Based
Reward Based Only Donation Based Only
Fees 0% 7 - 14% + 8%
Donates to women led campaigns
Offers Community of experts e.g. Crowdfunding Coach, Campaign Manager etc.
Connects Influencers and Social Media Managers to boost your campaign
Supports 139 global currencies + Bitcoin
Wider donor reach through free social media promotion
Flexible timelines and goals without extra fees
Built in Fund Booster to maximize fundraising
* Includes platform fees and credit card charges.

What is Fund Booster?

Donors cover the standard Fund Dreamer platform fees (5%) and credit card charges to boost your funds. So, if you raise $100,000, with other platforms you may end up keeping $90,000 after credit card and platform service fees. With Fund Dreamer you keep what you raise, i.e $100,000. plus 1% match from our foundation i.e. $101,000

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