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Help my autistic sister to make dream come true - clothing brand.

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A campaign by OxNl
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Help my autistic sister to make dream come true - clothing brand.

Hello.My name is Serg.I have

sister her name's is Natalie and

she's autistic.Natalia does not talk and has no friends.Very rarely we hear her voice

and for us it is a great happiness.Maybe we can all say together #HelloNatalie?Natalie is very

talented and loves art.In high

school years she finish art courses

with honours.After that, my sister

study on preparatory course of

Art Academy and finish

him.Natalie dream to make

beautiful pictures, clothes

modeling.Everything was perfect,

but life hard and not

fair.Depression disease creative

people.And my sister have

depression too.The pills didn't

help.She kept getting

worse.Result of treatment -

resuscitation.My sister has

been between life and death.Now

sister feels much better.When we


dreams, we forgot about dreams

your family and friends. But I

remember and I'll

always remember.I want to ask

you help,

make my sister dream come true - clothing brand.Unfortunately I

don't have recent

photos.Because in life

of our family haven't had

a happy moment.Thank you.

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