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Help Tricia Beat Cancer!

A campaign by Mary Passeri

Help Tricia Beat Cancer!
Hello Friends, Families, We are reaching out to those touched to help and that care to support TRICIA ROSSO for integrative health therapies for her urgent rehab and extra cancer treatments. LIVING WITH COURAGE and SHARING as a Church Deacon, TRICIA wishes to continue her vital work supporting others in their spiritual quest. DONATIONS are VITAL.

The Rosso family is asking for help for Tricia Rosso, our sister and aunt. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June 2015, underwent chemo and surgery, and in Dec 2016 an MRI showed the cancer had returned and spread to the brain. She underwent radiation to the brain and is currently in a rehabilitation facility so she hopes she can rebuild her strength and move to an assisted living facility. TRICIA WANTS TO LIVE - help her integrative therapies and rehab and special therapies not covered by medicare and help her URGENT integrative holistic program.

What is amazing about Tricia is that, even though she was born with Cerebral Palsy and has always had a severe disabilities with her legs (her Cerebral Palsy affected her leg muscle coordination), she has lived a life just like any of us without disabilities. She saw herself just like everybody else. She graduated from San Francisco State University, traveled the world and worked at San Francisco Airport as a guard for 30 years. She has been independent and has lived on her own all of her adult life. Until now, Tricia has been able to fulfill her dream of leading an independent life in spite of her disability, she has been an inspiration to all of us. If she can do it, we can do it!

Tricia is a very spiritual person. She felt a calling to better the world by serving her community as an Episcopalian deacon. She was ordained over 13 years ago. This was a HUGE accomplishment for her. Until this latest setback, she had served as a Deacon at Holy Child St. Martin Church in Daly City for more than ten years.

In a conversation with her Niece, Micaela, Tricia said she was not ready to die yet and that she wanted to live and do whatever it took. She just wants to keep serving her community through prayer and love. She beat cancer once, she can beat it again!

There are integrative therapy treatments for the cancer and her holistic health that are not covered by her healthcare provider, which will help her regain her strength and increase mobility in her legs.

As a family, we want to do everything we can for Tricia and are asking for your help to support her chosen path to live and share her gifts with her community.

Please give what you feel comfortable giving--EVERY donation helps! Support and share as much as you can. Monthly donations will help her also.

In gratitude and with a humble heart, especially from Tricia, Mary, Kathy, Rich and Micaela along with their kids and families

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