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Lady SOULdja Move Me

A campaign by Tela Williams

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A campaign by Tela Williams
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Lady SOULdja Move Me

Hello and thank you for checking out the donation link!

I am currently raising funds to move. I've lived around the same area off and on for 20 years. The longest I have been able to live independently without living in an Army barracks was almost 2 years. Other than that, my life has been full of homeless shelters and living with people. Every time I had my own place, I did it without any financial way maintaining a home. Last time I had a place, I had NO cash coming in and an electric, water, oil heat, & garbage bills! Man, talk about a set up! Once the utilities were turned off, we lost our place. Right after New Years too! Yep, I was bitter...but anyway.

So now that I have regular income from my disability, my issue has been it's not enough to qualify to pay rent anywhere. Since I am a Veteran, I can use my VA Home loan benefits to buy a home after my credit score rises a little bit, but I will still need help with down payment, moving truck/people, etc. It is my greatest hope to have a NEW ADDRESS by the end of the Summer!