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Liz Peckens Wheelchair Fund

A campaign by Erica Levi

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Successfully funded on June 29, 2014
A campaign by Erica Levi
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Liz Peckens Wheelchair Fund

Update: Thank you for the support. Raised the money in 6 days instead of 30 scheduled days. Met the goal, closing the campaign now. Thank you Fund Dreamer.

My name is Erica Levi. I am trying to raise funds for a mother who needs our help. Liz is in need of a manual wheelchair, and her insurance won't cover it even though her doctor says she needs it. Here is Liz's story: My name is Elizabeth and I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. I have had back pain as long as I remember, but the traumatic pregnancy, birth and c-diff infection following the delivery of my 3lb 10oz miracle really triggered the disease. Within months of being diagnosed I lost some of my mobility and now a year later I am mostly house bound, or bound to places that have readily available scooters. My life before illness was full of hunting, hiking, fishing and being outdoors and I'd really like my daughter to grow up appreciating the outdoors like I did. A lake was my therapy, my fishing pole was my medicine. But without my mobility, most things in life that I enjoyed are impossible. Will you please help me help her? Thank you!

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