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A campaign by Manhattan Film Institute
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Manhattan Film Institute is a boutique conservatory with a world-class faculty. MFI is a film school and so much more. We nurture aspirations while enriching careers for both budding and established artists. We are a film school that provides passionate, individualized instruction to inspire filmmakers in a supportive, challenging and safe environment. Each year, we have had to turn away a great number of applicants due to their inability to afford tuition. Our goal is to open doors, create a bridge and make this work accessible and inclusive. We believe everyone, regardless of race, gender or socio-economics should experience the gift of the arts. With just a small contribution, you can help to scholarship a talented student and perhaps open pathways and change a life. Our actors and directors have gained entry into top film universities, found representation, and booked jobs, as a result of the films they have made at MFI. . Last year, Valeria Nunez received a scholarship to attend Manhattan Film Institute and she directed this film, Lipstick. We met Valerie through Bobby Moresco and SoCal Crossroads, an organization in Los Angeles dedicated to assisting under-served, low-income and violence plagued communities. This year we are making a strong effort to increase the awareness of, and participation in, an MFI Scholarship Program. Our scholarship recipients will learn to express themselves in creative ways and have all of the incredible resources that MFI offers- mentorship in filmmaking from top-notch, Academy Award and Emmy Award winning artists and teachers, like Chazz Palminteri (A Bronx Tale, Modern Family, The Usual Suspects), Bobby Moresco (Crash), Marcia Gay Harden (Mystic River, Miller's Crossing, Into the Wild), Wendy Makkena (Sister Act), Tony Spiridakis, Bob Krakower and more, along with professional cinematogaphers, equipment and support to create short films, all while making friends that can last a lifetime. We hope to raise three scholarships, which will cover tuition, travel, room and board for three students to come to Manhattan Film Institute this summer. ![Valerie with teachers from MFI](

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