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Mission Trip - Orphanage

A campaign by Naiomi

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A campaign by Naiomi
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This year I am asking for your support to help me raise funds to go to work in an Orphanage in Nicaragua called CICRIN as part of a mission trip. The support of CICRIN is completely a "grass-roots" effort. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in this hemisphere with the average worker earning only $2 a day. The need there is very great, and I feel the value of my efforts go a very long way. It is a place where even I can make a difference. During my stay at the orphanage, this kid, Jose’, came running to me and just hugged me. He is one of the happiest kids I know. He came from such a broken background, he was found in his backyard tied up with a chain around his neck. Hearing that, it broke my heart. I remember going to the room and crying because I was in disbelief how someone can n b do that to such a caring kid. He was undeserving of that. He has so little and is yet so happy. All I can give is love.

I've had the most wonderful and humbling opportunity. This will be my 3rd year going on this mission. My heart is in Nicaragua there's is just so much need and I feel like it is my duty to help. The first year I was able to go through my mom’s support. She is a single hardworking mother and payed for the trip out of her own pocket because it was a dream of mine. The next year, we didn't have enough to pay for it, therefore I spent my whole summer selling lemonade to go on the mission trip.

I am fluent in Spanish so with that advantage; I have created such a strong relationship with the kids at the orphanage and the kids from the community. My 2 week stay at the orphanage will consist of building classrooms for the students. We build trenches by hand, the orphanage is not financially stable to buy tools for construction. On the island there are only about 2 schools and they're in horrible condition. Most of the kids in the community cannot afford to attend school. Therefore the team goes and refines classrooms. We scrape walls and repaint the school. Every year we make a new classroom. I hope you can find it in your heart to make a donation of any amount to allow me to bring HOPE to these beautiful children.

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