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Our Likeness

A campaign by our likeness

A clip from our recent location in Ghana< Africa.

Our Likeness is about going back to re learn and remember what a woman really IS. To empower her by knowing her strength, this lies in her identity. Our likeness is about the feminine Identity and the invincible but tangible powerful connectedness found in the bond of sisterhood. At the end we see what we all look 'like’. Loide believes knowing and remembering who we are as women is the first root solution to tackling women's issues.

“Nothing will work unless you do” Maya Angelou”

Underneath the layers of make-up, religions, systems, races and nations exists our true being, our true divine essence that is evident and residual if we just look a little deeper to observe and listen through the lenses of love and compassion. On this journey, we look at the many faces and ways of the feminine experience, we rediscover, learn and dive into the depths of a sisterhood that is the very divine core and root of the feminine heart.

The money raised for this campaign is going to be used for the production process of this documentary. We have currently covered three locations on private personal funding. Paying for our crew, travel, lodging and assisting the communities we shoot at (location) is where the funds go including post production(editing) upon completion. Recently we shot in the Philippines, we where able to give food supply packages and pledge a tricycle for the Agti Tribe in Aurora which would help them take their children to school and get to the hospital efficiently. We have a Likeness foundation project that is run alongside shooting this documentary. The mission being...Help us, Help you to help yourself. The tricycle is part of that need that can help them help themselves.


Have a look at our Executive Summary file for detailed Synopsis and Budget. On average it costs US$6000 to shoot and complete a location. We have 12 to go!

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